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Welcome to the one-stop destination for connecting with reputable collection agencies across the USA. When it comes to recovering outstanding debts, having the right partner makes all the difference. Our platform simplifies the search, ensuring you find the perfect agency to suit your specific needs.

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We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality selection of collection agencies to service the needs business owners who face delinquency challenges.

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Gain access to a vast network of verified collection agencies spanning every state.

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We understand your unique requirements and match you with agencies that specialize in your industry or debt type.


Effortlessly compare agency profiles and choose the one that fits your criteria seamlessly.

Quality Assurance

We vet each agency rigorously, ensuring they adhere to ethical practices and industry standards.

How it Works

Our agencies use proven collection tactics. This is what will happen when hiring a collection agency.

Contingency-Based Collection

Our collection agency operates on a contingency basis, ensuring no upfront fees. Our payment is solely contingent upon the amount successfully collected.

Assign Past Due Customers

We assist by placing past due accounts with our collection agency, allowing us to initiate the collection process promptly and in a much efficient manner providing relief to our customers.

Focused Collection Efforts

Our agency diligently works to secure payment from the debtors, employing proven strategies and professional expertise in the collection process.


Successful Payment Remittance

Upon successful collection, the payment is promptly remitted back to your business, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for reclaiming outstanding debts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our collection agencies will provide quotes based on what is referred to as a contingency rate. The contingency rate charged is typically 10%-50% and is contingent on the debt being collected.

Typically, you will get a quote from three different collection agencies. After you have received all three quotes, you can pick which agency you feel is the best fit.

No, our collection agencies only collect on the behalf of businesses. No court settlements or individual debts will be accepted by our agencies.

No, our collection agencies are established agencies that will collect debt on behalf of your business in a manner that reflects your business values. Our collection agencies goal is not only to secure the payment for you, but also retain the customer in the past.
You will receive the quotes via e-mail. You may also receive a phone call if the collection agency has questions. The questions will often help provide the agency with more information which leads to advantageous rates for you!
You can expect to receive within 24 hours. Often times, it could come within the same business day.

No, it can be completed in less than 5 minutes.